Selling this summer?

Are you planning on making a move this summer? If you're selling your home, the perception might be that you can stick a For Sale sign in your yard, and buyers will be flocking by the hundreds, and you’ll be rolling in offers. We are in the midst of a great market for sellers, but you still need a strategy, especially for pricing.

Don't Price Low

Pricing your home too low may raise red flags with buyers. They might question the quality of your house. Buyers will like the lowest price. However, you'll lose money compared to what you could get when your home is priced right in this market.

Don't Price High

If you price your home too high in this market, your home will sit longer. You might have to lower the price, and potential buyers will ask questions.

Find the Sweet Spot

Pricing your home at market value is the sweet spot in this market. You'll create more buyer interest and potential bidding wars. You might be surprised at how much you get for your home and how fast it sells. I can help you determine your home's market value, and we'll price it right.


If you're planning on selling this summer, you're in the right market. However, when it comes to pricing your home, make sure you think about finding the sweet spot. Give me a call, and I'll help determine the price of your home so that you come out on top. Reply to this email or give me a call to schedule a free market evaluation.

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